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Perlite – পারলাইট

Price: 140 Taka (50 gram pack)

Price: 245 Taka (100 gram pack)

Price: 599 Taka (250 gram pack)

Price: 820 Taka (400 gram pack)

Price: __ Taka (470 gram pack)

Price: 1000 Taka (500 gram pack)

Price: 1950 Taka (1 Kg pack)


Benefits of Gardening with Perlite

  • Perlite is stable and retains its shape in your soil mix
  • Perlite has a neutral pH, which makes it ideal as a soil amendment
  • Perlite contains no chemicals or nutrients
  • Perlite is a highly porous material
  • Perlite assists gardeners with water retention in the soil while improving drainage

Adding perlite to the soil helps to improve the drainage of water away from the roots while leaving the soil with the right amount of moisture to spur growth.

How Do I Use Perlite in My Garden?

There are several uses for perlite around the garden. Follow these tips to make the most out of this material in your flowerbeds and pots.

  • Fortify your soil mix – Add a combination of loam, peat moss, and perlite to enhance the drainage and aeration of your soil, while providing a stable growing medium that absorbs nutrition for your plants.
  • Use it as a surface treatment – Scatter loose perlite over your flowerbed to act as a wicking agent. The perlite will eventually work itself into the soil, improving water retention and draining.
  • Rooting your cuttings – Perlite helps to encourage root growth in new cuttings. Place your cuttings in a Ziploc, along with moistened perlite. The moisture in the perlite keeps the cutting alive while it starts to form new roots.
**info collected from ‘gardenbeast’

How Do I Use Perlite in My Garden?





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