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-- The first thing you must consider is to check the germination temperature of the vegetable seed that you want to grow and cross-check it with the present temperature of your area or the place where you are willing to grow it.

If your surrounding temperature falls within the mentioned range, you are ready to go

(check product description for recommended germination temperature of any item before purchasing it; The temperature varies from seed to seed).

For example, tomato seeds germinate within 05 to 18 days if the germination temperature is maintained between 21 °C to 27 °C”

-- Soaking seeds in water before planting reduces the time required for germination. The success rate increases and seeds will sprout earlier than expected time period. You can keep them in water for about 06 to 08 hours prior to sowing 

Note: seeds like gourds and other harder shelled ones is recommended to keep for about 12 hours or more, some even might need gentle scratching

-- Do not plant the seeds outdoor directly, prepare seedlings indoor. It is suggested to use coco-dust mixed with ready mix potting soil as planting media (remove any debris if found) in a seedling tray (or you can also use disposable cups, small plastic box) for better outcome.

You can also use jiffy peat pellets instead (these are specially designed for seedling preparation).

Covering seedling tray or the pot in which you planted the seeds with a transparent lid or plastic wrap helps to hold the moisture in the soil.

-- After sowing patiently wait for the seeds to sprout. Different seeds require different time to germinate (check product description for mentioned germination time/period).

There are some seeds which might take up to 30 days to germinate, so make sure you do not throw them away.

-- Keep the soil (or the media) moist and make sure it does not dry out. Do not pour water, instead use spray bottle to provide water evenly. Throughout this phase make sure that the surrounding temperature is well balanced

— Do not use all the seeds at the same time, keep some for later use.

— It is recommended to keep the seedlings under observation for 07 to 14 days (could be more if the seedlings are not strong enough) before transplanting them outdoor or at their desired location/pots. Seedlings are like new born babies, so they need proper care until they are strong enough to withstand natural outdoor conditions.

— Consult us for the quantity of seeds, planters, soil, fertilizers and other necessary items that you need if you are planning to set up a vegetable garden at your place. We will help you out with a proper solution depending on your available space. A well planned and properly organized garden always produces fresh crops and gives out optimum yield.

— For other planting related queries feel free to contact our support.

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