-Mustard Cake Crushed – 1Kg Pack – MGSS3008

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How to apply Mustard Cake Powder in the Garden and Indoor Plants?

As an Organic Topdressing – Topdress the vegetable or blooming plants with the layer of this Mustard Cake Powder by sprinkling it. Alternatively, you can mix 20-gram of powdered mustard cake in the soil as a slow-release, organic fertilizer.

As a Fluid Fertilizer – Ferment the Mustard Cake Powder in an earthen pot or any type of plastic bucket by soaking 100-grams of Mustard Cake Powder in 1-liter of water. Mix it well. Now, cover the bucket with a lid and let it sit for 2 days. After 4 days, sieve it and dilute the liquid further by blending 500 ml water into the fermented solution. Use this liquid fertilizer on flowering and in your vegetable garden.

As a Potting Soil Component – Along with the various other parts like coco peat, sand, perlite, as well as garden soil, you can additionally use Mustard Cake Powder in potting soil, particularly for blooming as well as vegetable plants. See to it to make use very little amount of Mustard Cake Powder in the potting mix to assist extensive blooming & accelerated growth.


Mustard Cake – #MGSS3008

Price : 80 Taka ( 1 Kg pack )

What Are The Benefits Of Mustard Cake Powder Fertilizer?

Result-Oriented: Mustard Cake Powder is a moderate-to-fast release fertilizer that will certainly increase the NPK value in your soil significantly. You can expect the plants to reveal the benefits within a month.

Controls Nematodes: Our Neem Cake Powder and Mustard Cake Powder when combined together, which are 100% un-adulterated fertilizers that can hinder the growth of Virus, Nematodes as well as various other microorganisms.

All-Rounder Fertilizer: Mustard Cake Powder contains Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Sulphur, Magnesium, Manganese, Zinc and Potassium, making it a gardening crucial element.

As a Fertilizer:

The Mustard Cake Powder also known as Shorishar Khoil Guro is traditionally used in Bangladesh as a natural plant food for vegetable plants and blooming flowers. Add it as a slow-release plant food and it will give all the trace elements of nutrition that a plant requires to grow.

As a Pesticide:

The enhanced qualities of mustard cake in the soil protects against the plant from fungi infections due to root deteriorating. In addition, it suppresses the insects like nematodes as well as aphides.

Keep in mind: Always remember to wash your hands with soap thoroughly after using it. Additionally, avoid touching the eyes after managing Mustard Cake Powder as it can cause eye inflammation.

Info Source: The House of Terra

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