Seedling Tray Bottom – White

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Seedling Tray Bottom – White


Price: 290 Taka (Sale Price)

Material: PVC (Hard)

Color: Off-White

Weight: 500 gram

Dimension: 11 inch(W) X 21 inch(L) X 1.75 inch(H)


*Comes in a strong box so that it does not break during shipping


*Weight of packaging material/box: 350 gram


Brand New and high quality.

– Made of PVC material, durable and reusable, UV resistant for years.

– Perfect for gardeners, growers, and farmers.

– A great way to foster a beautiful and healthy garden.

– Each Cell has a large drain hole in the bottom for proper drainage (in some cases you might need to make hole).

– Provides gentle warmth to the plant bed and balances moisture levels.

– Extra strength propagation trays allow roots to grow through. Makes great germination station.

– Ideal cell size to maintain ideal temperature and optimal root growth, plant development and seed germination.


How To Use Seedling Tray:


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Weight 0.85 kg
Dimensions 19 × 12 × 1.3 in


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