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Chichinga – চিচিঙ্গা – MGS1020COM


Germination Rate (Approx.): 70%

Physical Purity (Min): 98%

Genetic Purity (Min): 98%


Germination Temperature (Approx.): 21°C to 30 °C

Germination Time (Approx.): _07_ to _12_ days

Light Requirement: Yes


Moisture Requirement: Keep seed moist until germination

Maturation Period: _40_ to _60_ days

Can Grow Up To (Height.): 15 feet

Sowing Rate: _02_ to _03_ seeds per cup


*Note: It is recommended to prepare seedling in a small cup, small pot or seedling tray for better success rate and keep the soil moist.


This unusual gourd is harvested, cooked and eaten while the fruit is still immature. A member of the pumpkin family, the snake gourd grows quickly once its hard-shelled seeds germinate.


Cracking the Seeds

The outer shells of the snake gourd’s seeds are unusually hard, making them difficult to germinate. Even under ideal conditions, the seeds may require a month to germinate, and up to 40 percent of the seeds fail to sprout. To increase the germination rate, carefully crack the hard shell with pliers, much like you’d crack open an almond shell — place the pliers’ jaws on the ridged seam that joins the seed’s two halves and press gently until it cracks open. Do this carefully, because if you crush the shell and damage the endosperm inside, the seeds won’t sprout.


Soaking the Seeds

After breaking the seam that holds the shell together, soaking the seeds for two to 12 hours helps activate the germination process. Simply place the cracked seeds into a bowl of warm water and place it on top of the refrigerator or in another warm location. After soaking the seeds, plant them in a moist seed-starting mix in large flowerpots or peat pots. Cover the pots with plastic wrap to hold the moisture in. When the sprouts appear, usually within 10 days, remove the plastic wrap.


**The tutorial link given below is just for reference, you can try other known methods as well. Whichever method you follow, make sure to maintain the germination temperature required for sprouting for mention time period.


Reference Tutorial Link 1:


Disclaimer: In accordance with the universal custom of seed trade we give no warranty expressed or implied as to description, quality, productivity or any other matter of any way for the crop results beyond the purchased price especially under unsuitable season, abnormal weather, unsuitable soil and other unexpected conditions.

বীজ ব্যবসার সার্বজনীন প্রথা অনুযায়ী আমরা বিশেষত অনুপযুক্ত ঋতুতে, বিশেষত অনিয়মিত আবহাওয়া, অনুপযুক্ত মাটি এবং অন্যান্য ক্রয়মূল্যের বাইরে ফসলের ফলনের বর্ণনা, গুণমান, উৎপাদনশীলতা বা অন্য যে কোনও বিষয়ে বর্ণিত ওয়ারেন্টি প্রদান করি না অপ্রত্যাশিত শর্ত

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