-Osmocote Plus (12-25-6+1% Magnesium) – 100 gram – Thai

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Osmocote Plus


Price: _480__ Taka

Quantity: 100 gram

Ratio: 12-25-6 + 1% Magnesium

Brand: Sotus International Company Limited

Origin: Thailand


How Does Osmocote Work?

Osmocote Plus controlled-release fertilizer has formulations that are suitable for your flower garden and your indoor and outdoor plants. The nutrients are surrounded by a biodegradable resin. Once the granules are in the soil, osmosis pushed the nutrients out of the granule and into the soil.


Flower & Vegetable Smart Release:

Flowers need a fertilizer that contains more phosphorus than a general-purpose product to produce flowers. With a grade of 12-25-6, this blend supplies nutrition that balances root growth with the demands of the top growth.

• Promotes flowering of general ornamental plants

• Increases the number of flower inflorescences. make the flowers large and has beautiful bright colors

• Promotes plant root growth. Recommended plants to use are orchids, roses, frangipani, aniseed, cactus, jasmine, marigold, gerbera, hibiscus, adenium, anthurium, African violet, lotus, aquatic plants, various tree seedlings such as fruit tree seedlings, reforestation seedlings. And works well with mangoes. and all kinds of ornamental plants and flowers Can be used with Plant trees inside and outside the building

Rate and method of use

• Protect the hole when planting in a pot.

• Sprinkle on the soil surface, around the pot or around the nursery bag. Then cover with a little soil.

Both methods use the rate

  • For a 5-inch pot, use 5 grams (1 teaspoon).
  • For a 10-inch pot, use 10 grams (2 teaspoons).
  • 20 inch pot uses 20 grams (4 teaspoons)


Sow in nursery plots or cut flower beds, use a rate of 40-60 grams (4-6 tablespoons) per square meter.

• Use with soil or other planting materials. For use in planting potted plants, nursery bags, and for gardening (Landscape). Use at a rate of 2-3 kilograms per 1 cubic meter (1 cubic meter) of gardening material.

• For use sprinkled on coconut husks. or other planting materials Close to the root area at the rate of 2-3 grams per clump.




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