-Osmocote Classic B1 ( 18 – 05 – 12 ) – 50 gram pack

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Osmocote Classic B1  (Ratio 18 – 05 – 12)


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Ratio: 18 – 05 – 12

Origin: China


How Does Osmocote Work?

Osmocote controlled-release fertilizer has formulations that are suitable for your vegetable garden and your indoor and outdoor plants. The nutrients are surrounded by a biodegradable resin. Once the granules are in the soil, osmosis pushed the nutrients out of the granule and into the soil.


Flower & Vegetable Smart Release:

Flowers and vegetables need a fertilizer that contains more phosphorus than a general-purpose product to produce flowers, fruits and vegetables. With a grade of 14-14-14, this blend supplies nutrition that balances root growth with the demands of the top growth. For flowering perennials, sprinkle the fertilizer around plants in the spring and fall at the rate of 3 tablespoons per 4 square feet or 1 teaspoon per 4-inch plant.

Work the fertilizer into the top 3 inches of soil or mulch. Around trees and shrubs, apply 3 tablespoons of Osmocote for every 2 feet of branch spread. For vegetable garden beds, apply the fertilizer once at the beginning of the growing season at the rate of 3 tablespoons per every 4 square feet or 4 tablespoons for heavy fruiting crops such as tomatoes. For row crops of smaller vegetables, such as carrots and onions, apply 3 tablespoons for every 10 linear feet.






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