Naga Chilli – বোম্বাই মরিচ (50 to 70 Seeds) – MGS1076

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Naga Chilli Seeds – বোম্বাই মরিচ – MGS1076

Price: 70 Taka/ packet

Quantity: 50 – 70 seeds


Germination Rate (approx): 60%

Physical Purity (Min): 98%

Genetic Purity (Min): 98%


Germination Temperature: 23 °C to 29°C

Germination Time: 07 to 25 days


**Chili seeds might take very long time to germinate, be patient and make sure all conditions (especially temperature and moisture level) is maintained properly throughout the whole germination process.



  • Soak chili seeds in warm/normal water overnight before planting
  • The best results for germination takes place between the temperature range of around 22C to 29C
  • For better success rate use one time use disposable cups/seedling tray/jiffy pellets
  • You can use potting soil/Coco-Dust
  • Use 1-3 seeds per cup
  • Do not sow the seeds very deep. Gently sprinkle light soil/coco-dust above the seeds.
  • Lightly water with spray bottle and make sure the soil remains moist (not wet) until germination. Excess water might disrupt germination.
  • Chili seeds require light to germinate, so you can keep the pots beside a window (but make sure to protect it from direct scorching heat of sunlight).
  • It can take up to 25 to 28 days for the seeds to sprout, so be patient !


The plants of this type of chili usually grow to a height of about 30 inches and they look extremely fine when fresh green plants carry red chillies. Although it has a bushy growth, it remains compact in width. Pot size with a diameter of about 10 inches is ideal.

Chili plants need a lot of sun, warmth and humidity. High beds are recommended because they store a lot of heat. A small pond or rain barrel nearby helps to keep the air humidity high.

An ideal location for this chili variety, as well as its close relative Bhut Jolokia, is a greenhouse. Here the climate is even better adapted to the needs of the chili plant than in the garden or balcony.

As a substrate, high bedding soil or tomato soil with a pH value of about 6.5 is recommended.

It will take about five months from cultivation to flowering. After another three months from flowering, the green fruits will start to turn red. In total, you should allow for a growth period of 8 months.

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