Peperone Ciliegia Piccante – Hot Pepper Round Shaji – (20 Seeds) – MGS1300

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Peperone Ciliegia Piccante – Hot Pepper Round Shaji – (20 Seeds) – MGS1300


Price: 60 Taka (20 seeds)


Germination Rate (Approx.): 75%

Physical Purity (Min): 98%

Genetic Purity (Min): 98%


Germination Temperature (Approx.): 22°C to 28 °C

Germination Time (Approx.): _07_ to _21_ days

Light Requirement: Dark & Light


Moisture Requirement: Keep seed moist until germination

Maturation Period: 70 to 80 days

Can Reach Up To (Height.): _22_ to _35_ inches

Sowing Rate: _02_ to _03_ seeds per cup


Spice Level: 05

Scoville: 5000 to 15000 SHU


*Note: It is recommended to prepare seedling in a small cup or pot for better success rate and keep the soil moist.


Ciliegia piccante chillies are medium-hot peperoncini from Italy, where they are known under the name “Baccio de Satana”, which translates as “the kiss of the devil”. The plants have a compact and bushy growth form and can reach 1 metre in height.

The ciliegia piccante has small, crunchy round fruits, that have a shape similar to a tomato. When fully ripened, they change colour from green to red. They are ideal for stuffing (in traditional Italian style with anchovies and mozzarella or cream cheese), roasting or grilling.


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Disclaimer: In accordance with the universal custom of seed trade we give no warranty expressed or implied as to description, quality, productivity or any other matter of any way for the crop results beyond the purchased price especially under unsuitable season, abnormal weather, unsuitable soil and other unexpected conditions.

বীজ ব্যবসার সার্বজনীন প্রথা অনুযায়ী আমরা বিশেষত অনুপযুক্ত ঋতুতে, বিশেষত অনিয়মিত আবহাওয়া, অনুপযুক্ত মাটি এবং অন্যান্য ক্রয়মূল্যের বাইরে ফসলের ফলনের বর্ণনা, গুণমান, উৎপাদনশীলতা বা অন্য যে কোনও বিষয়ে বর্ণিত ওয়ারেন্টি প্রদান করি না অপ্রত্যাশিত শর্ত

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