Lykomax – Soil Improver – 50g pack – Russell IPM

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Lykomax – Soil Improver 

Price: 75 Taka

Quantity: 50 gram pack

Brand: Russell IPM


An effective organic herbicide to control the growth and development of pathogenic fungi on various plant parts. Lycomax inhibits the growth of pathogenic fungi on seeds, roots, stems and leaves by harnessing nature’s gift of beneficial soil-dwelling microorganisms.

Benefits of Lycomax:

Protects the plant from the attack of pathogenic fungi. Reduces the use of harmful fungicides. Increases the plant’s ability to fight future infections.


A wettable powder product containing:

Trichoderma harzianum

Trichoderma viride

Metarhizium anisopila

Beauveria bassiana


Scope and Dimensions:

7.5 kg per hectare for pest of cucurbit vegetables.

Method of application:

• 1st application at time of planting, 2nd application 3 days after planting and 3rd application 25-30 days after 2nd application.

• Can also be applied with irrigation water.


The effectiveness of Lycomax lasts up to 2 years at normal temperature. 4-5°C for maximum effectiveness. Store at room temperature.


Read instructions carefully before use. Avoid eating, drinking and smoking while smelling, tasting, applying and applying. Do not spray bare skin against the wind. Bury the empty packet in the ground after use. Store locked in a dry and shaded place away from food and feed.

* No other pesticides can be used within 7 days of Lycomax application.

* * Wash the spray machine/container thoroughly before applying Lycomax.


First Aid:

In case of contact with eyes, flush eyes with plenty of water. If it gets on the body, wash it with soapy water. Induce vomiting if swallowed. Do not attempt to induce vomiting or feed anything while unconscious. Move the patient to fresh air and seek medical advice immediately. If inhaled, remove patient to fresh air. If there is shortness of breath and discomfort, consult a doctor immediately and show the guide.


There is no specific antidote. Treat symptomatically.


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