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  • -Neem Cake Powder – 1 Kg Pack – MGSS3026

    ৳ 130.00

    Neem Cake Powder – MGSS3026   Price: 130 Taka (1 Kg pack) Uses: Neem Cake Powder is rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, sulphur and calcium. It’s a natural product and is used for growth and a high yield of crops. The nutrient content and fertility of the soil increase when Neem Powder is mixed with it….

  • Neem Oil – 50ml

    ৳ 90.00

    Neem Oil  – 50ml Price: 90Tk Quantity: 50 ml IT EFFECTIVELY CONTROLS HUNDREDS OF INSECTS. Neem oil is an effective pesticide that gets rid of over 200 species of insects, not just a few. Some of the most common include: Aphids Ants Mites Scale Leaf hoppers White flies Caterpillars Mites Mealybugs Thrips How To Use…