Snapdragon – Antirrhinum Majus – (220 to 250 seeds) – MGS1267

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Snapdragon – Antirrhinum Majus – (220 to 250 seeds) – MGS1267


Price: 70 Taka (220 to 250 seeds)


Germination Rate (Approx.): 70%

Physical Purity (Min): 98%

Genetic Purity (Min): 98%


Germination Temperature (Approx.): 17°C to 22 °C

Germination Time (Approx.): _10_ to _25_ days

Light Requirement for Germination: Yes


Moisture Requirement: Keep seed moist until germination

Maturation Period: __ to __ days

Can Reach Up To (Height.): 36 inches

Sowing Rate: _06_ to _08_ seeds per cup


*Note: It is recommended to prepare seedling in a small cup or pot for better success rate and keep the soil moist.


These tall Snapdragons are a gardener’s favorite choice for a long lasting cut flower. Easy-to-grow from seeds, this variety reaches 36 inches in height and is a large-flowered form of the common garden variety. It is usually grown as an annual, but it may winter over in areas with mild winter weather. The tall plants produce densely packed spikes that bloom in succession. Snapdragons are suitable as bedding plants, and they are very impressive when they are planted in mass groupings.

Snapdragon Apple Blossom should be grown in rich, well-drained soil. Adding organic matter is very beneficial to the plants. Grow them in full sun, and space this tall variety 12 – 18 inches apart. To encourage branching, pinch the tips of young plants. Snapdragon care includes trimming the plants back after they have finished blooming to encourage a second flush of blooms. They perform best in cooler summer climates. In hot regions, provide the plants with some afternoon shade.


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Disclaimer: In accordance with the universal custom of seed trade we give no warranty expressed or implied as to description, quality, productivity or any other matter of any way for the crop results beyond the purchased price especially under unsuitable season, abnormal weather, unsuitable soil and other unexpected conditions.

বীজ ব্যবসার সার্বজনীন প্রথা অনুযায়ী আমরা বিশেষত অনুপযুক্ত ঋতুতে, বিশেষত অনিয়মিত আবহাওয়া, অনুপযুক্ত মাটি এবং অন্যান্য ক্রয়মূল্যের বাইরে ফসলের ফলনের বর্ণনা, গুণমান, উৎপাদনশীলতা বা অন্য যে কোনও বিষয়ে বর্ণিত ওয়ারেন্টি প্রদান করি না অপ্রত্যাশিত শর্ত

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