Echinacea Purpurea – Purple Coneflower – Seeds – MGS1197

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Echinacea Purpurea – Purple Coneflower – Seeds – MGS1197


Price: 95 Taka/ packet ( 10 seeds )


Germination Rate (Min): _65_%
Physical Purity (Min): 98%
Genetic Purity (Min): 98%


Optimum Germination Temperature: 21°C to 24°C
Germination Time (approx.): 10 to 30 days

Light Requirement: Light does influence germination of coneflower seeds, so shallow sowing offers better germination results


**Coneflower seeds can be difficult to germinate because seeds require stratification, which means stored seeds need a 30- to 90-day period at a temperature of 5°C prior to sowing (if traditional method does not work).


General Info:

Coneflowers are rugged beautiful perennials that bear white or raspberry-colored flowers that resemble daisies. The centers look like small pin cushions. Cone-flowers grow 2 to 4 feet tall and make excellent border plants or additions to a wildflower garden. Plants are generally propagated by root cuttings or seeds that germinate within one month under optimal conditions.


**The germination rate is valid if temperature given above is maintained for mentioned time period. Other factors like maintaining appropriate soil pH and humidity is also vital. During this mentioned time period, make sure the soil (or any other growing media) stays moist (not wet), otherwise it will affect the germination.


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The Stratification Process:



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